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4 Marketing Lessons We Learned From Hamilton

It’s no secret that your Brand Nation hosts, Rachel and Matt, are both OBSESSED with the smash hit musical Hamilton. It’s like…our favorite thing ever. Any time we’re in the car together, it’s always blaring in the speakers (and we’re most likely belting along with it). Since we’ve spent SO much time listening to Hamilton, we’ve actually started to recognize some core themes in show that can, believe it or not, be applied to the world of marketing! So sit back, grab a nice cup coffee, and enjoy 4 marketing lessons that we’ve learned from Hamilton!

#1 – Talk less, smile more

This principle is one that many marketers and small business owners need to take to heart! Far too often, we take ourselves too seriously, get caught up with trying to impress people, and lose ourselves. Especially in 21st century America, it’s important to be yourself, particularly on social media! People like to see relatable, down-to-earth folks just being themselves.

Instead of writing a book every time you want to post on your company’s LinkedIn page, consider posting a fun BTS video giving people an inside look at your business, a funny meme or joke, or a photo providing an inside look at the life of your company. In general, posts that include a photo of a real-life person get the most engagement of any social content BY FAR. So, when you’re working on your marketing, make sure to talk less and smile more!

#2 – Never be satisfied

As a brand builder, it can be SO easy to get lazy and complacent with your brand. We all fall into the mindset that once our website, logo, and print materials are all done, our marketing is done for good. Yes, the front end of the marketing process might be complete, but branding never stops!

There is always work to be done. If you become “satisfied” and complacent with your brand, that means you’ve failed to continue evolving and will most likely fall behind your competitors. It’s CRUCIAL for brand builders to be putting in consistent work to keep their brand fresh, new, and interesting. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward. Just like Alexander Hamilton did (though he may have taken it a TAD too far), keep grinding and never be satisfied!

#3 – Who tells your story?

Every brand has a narrative. Like it or not, a story is being told about your company to your customers. This means that, if you’re not telling your story, someone else is. If the dominant voice of your brand on the internet is people’s negative reviews on Google (unfortunately, the most disgruntled people are always the loudest), a false picture is being painted of your company.

To prevent this from happening, it’s imperative that you work hard to stay on top of your brand narrative! Make sure to be posting to social media, getting positive reviews from satisfied customers to put online, and actively growing and changing as your brand evolves. By presenting customers with a brand that is cohesive, consistent, and professional, you tell them your story, not the other way around. Hamilton focuses on the theme of story and legacy heavily throughout the show, and you should too!

#4 – Don’t throw away your shot

As an entrepreneur, the stakes are high. Essentially, when you start your own business, you get one shot. It’s either going to succeed or fail, and the outcome that your business is met with depends solely on whether or not you’re willing to put in the work. If you get lazy, slow, or complacent with your brand, it may be too late. Make it your baby! Eat, sleep, and breathe your brand every day.

If you’re willing to grind and put in the work on the front end to create (in the words of Hamilton) “something that’s gonna outlive me,” you will be happy with the results. Throughout the entire musical, Alexander Hamilton is always thinking (sometimes to a fault) about how his actions will affect the future, and we would all do well to do the same!

We hope these ideas were helpful to you as work on improving your marketing! Remember to always be grinding, not to take yourself too seriously, and to strive to improve every day. Good luck! For some more great brand-building content and more podcast episodes like this one, check us out over at digitalbrandnation.com. Peace✌️ #TeamBrandNation

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