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Does Your Brand Really Matter?

Does branding really matter? This is a question that, unfortunately, gets posed by all too many business owners out there. They see the idea of a “brand” as nothing more than their company’s logo, storefront, and maybe colors. They also look at branding as optional, or maybe even unnecessary. Business is about relationships, right? Who really cares about the aesthetic of my company, anyway?

Well, whether we realize it or not, human beings are visual people who place a LOT of emphasis on whether or not something is or isn’t pleasing to the eye. Branding that is simple, professional, consistent, and well-designed creates a sense of unity surrounding your brand and gives customers a cohesive idea of what your company is. Today, we’ll look at some of the top reasons that branding matters for making your business stand out!

Reason #1 – Good branding is recognized.

As we’ve already established, human beings are visual people. Our brains are drawn to colors and shapes, not titles and paragraphs. I’m sure we can all recall a business from our hometown that, though the name has long left our memory, had a distinctive logo that has stuck in our brains all these years. Whether we realize it or not, our brains latch onto things like logos, colors, uniform fonts, and even smells and create schema that make up our idea of a brand. It’s like our brain creates a “set” of visual cues that call us back to the memory of a particular business.

In order to do this for potential customers who happen to see your brand out in the wild, it’s crucial that you keep your branding consistent, concise, and professional. If you design every social media graphic with the same font, every billboard with the same colors, and every print ad with the same layout, people will gradually begin to develop a feel for your brand; it will start to stick in their minds. That is the ultimate goal of branding – to make your company stick in people’s minds so that they can later remember and return to it when the need for your services arises. The more you can shove your content in their faces, get your logo in front of them, and saturate their news feed with your brand, the more likely they are to remember and return to your company. If your branding is good, people will come back. Good branding gets recognized.

Reason #2 – Good design equals credibility.

Because humans are visual people, they are able (though they may not realize it) to distinguish good visual design from bad visual design. If something looks messy, out of place, or inconsistent, people will notice. So, naturally, if your branding materials are nicely designed and look professional, people will find them pleasing. When people find design pleasing, they are drawn to the entity by which the design was created. Thus, they are drawn to your company.

Imagine that you’re sitting in the office of a law firm. Everyone is walking around in suits and ties, the chairs are genuine leather, and the offices all have expensive mahogany desks. Now, imagine that, as you’re sitting in the lobby, you pick up a brochure about the company. You would expect this brochure to be sleek, professional, and compelling, right? Well, what if that brochure was filled with wild colors and Comic Sans font? There’s a disconnect there. And that disconnect is jarring to the visual sensibilities of the human mind. If you picked up that brochure, you would immediately lose whatever trust you had developed in that law firm. They would lose whatever credibility they had gained with you.

Good design instills confidence but, more importantly, bad design dashes it. It’s important for your company, if you want people to trust you and see you as professional, to prioritize good, clean design. It will go miles for you.

Reason #3 – If you’re not intentional, other people will create your brand for you.

Humans, especially 21st-century American ones, are incredibly quick to judge. They jump to conclusions without considering nearly enough information, make assumptions about everything, and can’t be swayed otherwise. That’s just a fact of life. Because of this, it’s critical that your company get out in front of the judgement of the public. If there are any cracks left in your brand to be filled, they’ll get filled by people’s opinions very quickly. To avoid these cracks, your branding must be thorough, precise, and consistent. Put WAY too much information out there, more information than anyone would ever need. Don’t give the public any wiggle room when it comes to your brand identity. If you control the narrative, you are in charge.

People neglect their brand in a lot of ways that leave ambiguity surrounding their company. Examples of these ways are signage, the way they answer their phone, and the interior of their business (music, lighting, smells, the way the staff dresses, arrangement of furniture, etc.). All of these areas require attention and care to curate, but the extra effort is beyond worth it in the end. There is nothing more satisfying to a judgmental human than a business that has one, clean logo, 2 to 3 consistent colors, consistent font usage across every piece of design, professional-looking social media content and print design, a welcoming storefront or office space, and a staff that lives out the brand every day. All of these things work together to present one, unified brand experience that your customers will love.

If you create the narrative of your brand, customers are just along for the ride; that’s right where you want them to be. Take control of your branding, and you’ll fly above all judgement and be left with a customer base eager to experience more of what your company has to offer.

Reason #4 – Good branding sets you apart from the competition

Chances are, there are a lot more companies that do the exact same thing as you. And, chances are that (to risk sounding rude) someone else out there is better than you at what they do. Maybe they have more resources, a bigger team, or a riper market. In a world where competition is stronger than ever, your branding is what can set you apart from the competition. Even though others may have the upper hand on you in every other area, one thing you can control and craft entirely for yourself is your company’s branding.

You have the ability to shape it to be whatever you want it to be; branding is one of the only things that is completely, uniquely yours. With that world of opportunity at your fingertips, it’s that much more important that your branding is high-quality. By creating a consistent, uniform, professional, well-designed structure for your company that trickles down into every part of your operation, you can ensure that the brand that you’ve curated shines through the fog and brighter than your competition. In a market that is saturated with businesses just like yours, your branding is your ticket to success. Make it great!

We hope this has convinced you (or at least gotten the wheels turning) of the importance of brand! Brand is everything, and that’s exactly why Brand Nation exists! We strive to provide the best resources for business owners and creatives as they begin the journey of forging a brand. Make sure to listen to our weekly podcast and visit digitalbrandnation.com for more great blog articles, videos, and even books on growing your brand! Peace✌️ #TeamBrandNation

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