• Matt Phillips

Utilizing Your Storefront to Make A Good First Impression

When most business owners consider their brand, they think of their logo, website, print advertising, and color scheme. So many people neglect the biggest piece of FREE advertising available to them: their storefront! The exterior of your business is the gateway to your brand, and it’s a huge billboard that you don’t have to pay for.

Maximizing both this space and the interior of your building to represent your brand and draw people in will do wonders for your business. This week, we’re running down the top 3 things you should consider as you work on your storefront.

#1 – The front of your building

Like we said before, the exterior of your business is a giant free billboard! People walk by it on the street every day, and it would be a waste for it not to serve as an advertisement. If your front window is a dirty pane of glass looking into your dingy, bland office, no one is even going to stop and think about your business. It is critical for your front window to grab attention and be aesthetically pleasing to everyone that walks by!

We recommend that you get a backdrop, window wrap, or some other method to hide the interior of your business and make your window more of a proper billboard. If you get full-pane window wraps that match your color scheme and feature your logo and slogan prominently, passersby will take notice of your business instead of walking by obliviously. Maximize the front of your building to be a huge advertisement!

#2 – The dominant wall

As you seek to maximize the physical brand experience that customers have with your company, the second thing to consider after the front of your building is the dominant wall of the building. When someone walks through your door, what wall do they see first? Typically, the wall directly opposite the door is considered the “dominant” wall.

For example, if the door is set on the left side of your office, someone entering through it would naturally turn their head to the right to survey the territory. Naturally, that right wall needs to be carefully curated to catch their eye and draw them into the room. The more noticeable you can make it, the better. We’d recommend that you paint it a bright color (one of your brand colors, obviously), maybe feature your slogan or mission statement in large, stenciled text, or even install floating shelves that showcase your signature product or portfolio samples.

People are quick to judge, so it’s important to curate their experience step-by-step. Having a good dominant wall will help pull them in!

#3 – The 5 senses

Your brand experience is more than your logo, website, and even your storefront. It comprises every aspect of a customer’s interaction with your brand, from the physical appearance of your office to its smell and temperature. Every tiny facet of the way you present yourself to the public needs to be considered! If you enter a beautiful building that smells like a sewer, you’ll leave immediately!

The same goes for your business. Make sure you set your thermostat at a pleasant temperature (stay on the cool side – people are much more likely to get unhappy when they’re too hot than when they’re too cold), burn specific candles or install air fresheners in a certain cent, and pay careful attention to the genre and volume of the music that you play.

If you have trouble doing this, consider asking a friend or family member (someone who is not in your business every day for hours on end) to come in with fresh eyes and give you some feedback. It’s important to pay attention to every single detail of your physical brand experience to ensure that customers will have a positive experience with your company!

We hope these tips have been helpful to you as you work on maximizing your storefront to be a marketing asset for your company. By providing a positive brand experience for your customers, you can ensure that they’ll come back, buy more, and even tell their friends about you! Make sure to check out digitalbrandnation.com for more great resources for brand builders, and hit us up on social media with the hashtag #TeamBrandNation. Peace✌️

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